Hamidiye Mah. 40868. Sk.
No:39 Beyşehir/KONYA


+90 (538) 488 5380



Who Are We

EMAK DEFENSE INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO. LTD. was established on September 9, 2021 in the Beyşehir district of Konya. The partners of our recently established company are young and come from a very experienced family in the hunting rifle industry. Our company is growing rapidly with the family and environmental experiences from the past and continues on its way with sure steps.

At the same time, our family elders who have been trained in HUĞLU neighborhood, who have long years of experience in the production of smoothbore shotguns, have an important specific weight in the sector. In the light of all these experiences, it is its top priority to raise the bar in the industry by producing high value-added products.

While realizing its targets in the smoothbore shotgun, it has set important targets for itself in the medium and long term defense industry, and has started infrastructure works in line with this target.We care about both the hunter and the nature by giving importance to quality in production.